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Top reasons to choose a villa for your St Barth’s holiday

Discover why letting a private trip St Barth’s Private Villa Rentals may be the best getaway choice you make. With an enormous selection of accommodation options on St Barths, it’s hard to learn where you can stay. Renting an exclusive villa vacation could be precisely what you want to essentially move away from it all and find out a different part to the island. Continue reading to understand why any occasion home could be your house from home.

Spend Quality Time with Family Members:

You arranged the agenda as well as your own timetable. Overlooked breakfast? No issue just makes your own breakfast when you are feeling like waking up or get hold of a cold beer once you want. the area is yours for the week with only your loved ones or good friends as interruptions, so ditch the smartphone towards a good dialog more than a chilled wine glass of wine beverage or cocktail as you lazily toss meal onto the barbecue. St Barth’s Private Villa Rentals incredibly affordable, starting with a regular price of just EUR50 per person in high season, getting your own pad is at the reach of almost all of us.

Can it be your getaway of an eternity?

You could live such as a superstar in a super-stylish luxury villa either in traditional style or decked out in St Barths Private Villa Rentals; you’ll need a large cover the super high-end ones – can it be your getaway of an eternity? Eating can be fun, you might even avoid venturing out to buy it and use a food and refreshments delivery service instead. Or, you can get in local fresh substances from the marketplace or delicatessen and struggle your culinary skills. Click here.

Absent That Yoga Course.

Neglect schedules and timetables. Instead, have a Pilates trainer or masseuse come to your St Barths Private Villa Rentals at the same time that’s convenient for you. Want to look wonderful for your particular date? A make-up musician or hairdresser will come by to offer a sleek get together look. The pool is your own: you don’t need to get right up at dawn to reserve your poolside sunlight loungers. Also, you can splash about in your pool without the get worried of getting upset looks from other vacationers.

Locate a more traditional St Bart’s.

You can find life beyond the hotels and it’s really worth checking out. Eat at the restaurants around you, visit the roadside outlets and cafes, drive around and lose yourself on country lanes. Venture out and explore. Make friends and family envious and post pictures of your stunning St Barths Private Villa Rentals on Instagram and Facebook – we could sure you were heading to anyhow. Great pictures will provide you with plenty to reminisce about later.

To conclude:

You will be near some awesome character: most villas in St Barth’s are in the countryside, so think strolls through pine forests or by rock terraced domains. Make the right path around the strong coastline, admiring the glittering turquoise drinking water or locating a mystical pirate tower. Have a look at our St Barths Private Villa Rentals section, where you will see vacation homes across St Barths to match all finances and needs. Click here for more information:


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The Caribbean island of Barbados has more than its just share of sandy beaches, palm trees winning with the sea breeze and warm blue waters. Add the welcome and openness of the locals, and it is no wonder you have a favorite vacation destination. In the 18th and 19th century, Barbados was managed as a sugarcane economy under the British rule, and some innovative sugar plantations can be seen reborn as museums describing the plight of slaves working in the fields of sugar. Today the inhabitants of Barbados are generally called Bajans, and the ancestors of the mature plantation system exist in virtual harmony under a democratic government.

Bridgetown Port

The Bridgetown Port, or more suitably called Deep Water Harbor, was built in the 1960s just one mile north of Bridgetown. In 2002, the mid-channel was deepened to allow larger vessels to use the facility. The deepening of the port has been a great success, which has led to a large amount of growth in both merchandise and cruise volumes. The port has four berths with 1,531 meters of the dock and can handle from 5 to 6 large cruises. The four bunks are the breakwater (total length 522 m), the sugar berth (total length 307 m), the bunk beds 2/3/4 (550 m long) and the Esso jetty (244 m), located outside the breakwater. If your boat is moored in the Esso Jetty, do not feel inferior, because you have usually chosen a cruise of excellent value for money. Read more.

5 Best Things to Do in Barbados

Hopefully, you have one or two days available on one side of your cruise to look at beautiful Barbados. You cannot miss are:

  1. Beach

The beaches of the island are open to the public. The closest Bridgetown is the magnificent Gold Coast beaches. Payne Bay is ideal for swimming. Next to Payne’s Bay is Fresh Water Bay, with a beautiful set of three beaches, Brandon’s Beach, Brighton Beach and Paradise Beach.

  1. Mount Gay Rum Distillery and Banks Beer Tour

When you enjoy an alcoholic beverage, go on a guided tour and tasting at Barbados’s central rum distillery, and then follow this with a trip to Banks Brewery to enjoy the public beer.

  1. Sunbury Plantation House

A Plantation Great House whose interior is open for presentation. The 300-year-old house is rich in history, with antique prints, cautiously written accounts, antique wooden furniture and a collection of horse trainers.

  1. Welchman Hall Gully

A magnificent subtropical garden owned by the National Trust of Barbados. You are sure to see a group of wild monkeys.

  1. Broad Street in Bridgetown

The central street of Bridgetown, Broad Street is full of duty-free outlets, bank offices, and department stores. An excellent detour is Swan Street, which has many cheaper clothing stores and a few cozy pavement cafes.

Choosing a Cruise from Barbados

Thanks to its best location in the mid of the southern Caribbean, Barbados makes a clever choice as a starting point. Routes offered to include the Greater Antilles, the Windward Islands (Dominica, Martinique, and Saint Vincent, Saint Lucia), the Leeward Islands (Saint Barts, Saint Martin, Saint Kitts, Guadeloupe, Nevis, Trinidad and Tobago), the Netherlands Antilles off the northern coast of Venezuela and even the Brazilian Amazon. For more information visit:

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The best villa rentals in the caribbean

Barbados is one of the most popular islands in the Caribbean. It is known for its beaches and a pleasant temperature. The following tips will help you to improve your stay in that country.

1.- Currency, religion and language.

The monetary unit is the Barbados dollar (BDS $). The US dollar is widely accepted. The exchange takes place at banks open from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm from Monday to Thursday. International credit cards such as American Express, Diners Club, Discover, MasterCard and Visa operate on many vending machines and in most hotels, restaurants and shops. The majority of the population is Protestant (67%). There are 4% of Catholics. English is the official language, the local dialect. You can also stay in beautiful St Martin Private Villa Rentals.

2.- When to go

The climate of Barbados is considered as pleasant, by several foreign and local locals. In the period from July to December in Barbados it is raining time, but it is short. The period from June to October in this region is considered the hurricane season, but in reality the element does not pass by island, regarding this Barbados is very fortunate. During the last two hundred years, a hurricane struck Barbados only three times, the last time in 1955. It is recommended to go in the period from January to June, by the heat, to visit the beaches and to enjoy St Maarten Private Villa Rentals.

3.- Passport – Visa

Most people traveling to Barbados must have a valid passport and a valid ticket to return to their origin or to continue their journey. Before leaving, review your company’s requirements regarding the validity of passports as they may be stricter than the rules for entering the country. Attention with the type of visa:

Tourist Visa: Not required for stays of less than 90 days.

Business Visa: Not required.

Student visa: Not required.

4.- Attractions

The island is famous for its stunning beaches and amazing places to stay such as St Martin Villa Rentals. The total length of the coastline is over a hundred kilometers. If you are bored with the beaches, you can visit the sugar museum and sugar mill, built in 1654, the synagogue, the old mansions that are open to visitors. Do not forget to see the Barbados Museum, which is located in the 19th century English castle. And in the Queen’s Park in Bridgetown you can see one of the two baobabs growing on the island, which has more than 18 meters in circumference.

5.- Where to eat for cheap

Most of the restaurants in Barbados are designed for couples, honeymoons or a romantic vacation. On our part we can recommend some places where they give the local quality food and not with large sums of money. On the south shore of the West Coast, Angry Annie Restaurant will be a great choice. Another place worth visiting on Friday nights is The Oistins Fish Fry. In any of these you can eat with only 15 to 20 US dollars.

6.- Accommodation

Although the island is small, more than 30 kilometers long and 22 kilometers wide, here you can find a hotel for all tastes and pockets, such as St Maarten Villa Rentals. A double room in a guest house will cost you $ 40 per day.

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Working From A Satisfying Environment

If you are a person who works in the big city then there are no doubt occasions when you have dreamed that you could live someplace quiet and restful.  Have you ever dreamed of being able to do your work from a romantic tropical location away from the noise and hassle of traffic and office insanity? Perhaps you would like to observe the exotic lifestyles and culture of someplace really comfortable and welcoming, and then use the ideas that are inspired as the basis for your work efforts.  Or perhaps you just work better in less hectic and mechanical surroundings.


Well the idea of working from home is far more feasible with today’s modern technology and communications systems, coupled with the availability of good travel service providers. can get you transportation service deals at rock-bottom-prices; you can fly round-trip from Bridgetown in Barbados to some of the major urban hubs in America for discounts of $40 off when you use a Groupon promo code.  So you can do most of your work at your own comfortable place where you can think and enjoy the food and lifestyle.  Then you can present your products and recommendations to your clients at a meeting in the city where they are based.  You might even rent a car and go for a quick visit to a local top restaurant or see a show or museum.  Then you can return to your idyllic diggings in the Caribbean, where you can relax before taking on your next project while seated outside enjoying the sea and sun.  You may find that your work products increase in attractiveness for no reason other than the fact that you are able to produce them while working in an environment more conducive to creative thought.  And you can accomplish that process because you can rely upon travel services to help you stay in contact with those who need your products.


The quality and availability of transportation and communications services therefore make it all the more desirable to consider establishing one’s workplace not amidst the madness of a twentieth-century central business district but possibly in a place where you can be creative or analytical and develop the works that best benefit your clients’ needs as well as satisfies your own standards.

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Why you should consider Barbados luxury villa rentals

Barbados is one of the beautiful Islands in the Caribbean and it is predominantly famous for its spectacular coral sand beaches, tropical fish, turquoise waters, luxury villas in the Barbados and it has also welcoming people. Therefore, the coral reef shoreline in Barbados provides excellent snorkeling and the scuba diving opportunities. Barbados is a beautiful island where there are lots of art, activities, nightlife, music, history and also some of the best restaurants to be found in the Caribbean. Barbadians, known as Bajans, always greet people with a smile and are warm and welcoming souls. Bajans will always make people feel like charming Caribbean paradise is their home. The incredible Barbados beaches and picturesque views are also a famous feature of this island.

However, visitors renting Barbados luxury villas rentals on this unique island should also immerse themselves in the history and activities the vibrant culture has to offer. There are also having some stunning Barbados resorts offered for people to enjoy. Barbados vacation rentals are the perfect home from home to explore and experience on the island.  Also in comfort and at one own pace can indulge in the island’s excellent history and culture, golf, beaches or shopping. A Caribbean Villa Vacation in Barbados offers ultimate luxury and location and there is a wide selection of Barbados villas available for one’s Caribbean holiday. Many of these Barbados villas are located on or near the beach, and provide all the facilities needed to make one’s Barbados vacation relaxing and enjoyable. These villas include;

  1. Alleyne Villa Holiday

They offer a wide range of properties from luxurious beachfront villas to serene country homes.

  1. Rental Escapes Luxury Villas

Rental Escapes has the finest collection of luxury villas in Barbados. There are enjoyable private and fully staffed rentals with exceptional concierge services.

  1. Hammerton Barbados Luxury Villas

They have variety of stunning villas and apartments along the west coast of Barbados.

  1. Barbados Luxury Concierge Services

They have enjoyable personalized service and privacy with range of villa rentals.

Many of Luxury Retreats’ Barbados vacation rentals are beachfront villas with exclusive homes that have a certain British majesty unique. Barbados villa rentals on the western coast are home to calm, turquoise waters while the Barbados vacation rentals on the eastern coast experience the cliff-lined Atlantic Ocean accompanied with big waves and great bodysurfing. All of the island’s beaches are open to the public.

Therefore, part of the charm of Barbados villa rentals, however it is the exciting mix of traditional and British flavors one can find there, where the West Indian culture remains strong, as seen in its food, music and handicrafts but the English traditions also abound. Most Barbados rentals are places where one can treat him/herself to afternoon tea or watch a game of cricket and also the island’s national sport. Bajans have also retained the British sense of hospitality, and a holiday at Barbados rentals means one will be warmly welcomed wherever he/she goes.

Check out this post for more informations:

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Destination Weddings, Honeymoons – St Barts

Destination Weddings, Honeymoons – St Barts

Those planning destination weddings and honeymoons so often forget St Barth’s villa rentals. These beautiful rental villas can be the ideal solution to their problems and in truth they really are some of the very best ideas ever. Saint Bart’s is a beautiful island in the Caribbean and anyone planning a wedding or indeed a honeymoon will adore this location. There is nothing more special than the beautiful island of St Barts. Read this article also.

Why Choose St. Barts?

First and foremost, Saint Barts is a truly beautiful and very secluded island. That essentially means a couple isn’t going to be hassled by thousands of other hotel guests or tourists. They could enjoy their wedding and indeed their honeymoon in style and with peace and quiet. Let’s be honest, a newly married couple wants to be alone because it’s a very special time and using St. Barts villa rentals will be special. There is no better way than to spend a honeymoon in a rental on the island of St Barts.

The Dream Setting

Everyone bride and groom—especially the bride—wants the perfect setting and there is nothing better than sandy white beaches and crystal blue waters in the background. The great thing about a destination wedding is that a couple can get the dream wedding. It doesn’t have to be big, fancy or something too over the top; the wedding can be a very subtle affair with the ceremony or after party on the beach front. There is nothing more special or beautiful! What is more, the happy couple can retire to the St Bart’s villa rentals afterwards. They can have their honeymoon here and really enjoy all the island has to offer.

Destination Weddings, Honeymoons – St Barts

Making a Wedding Day Perfect

Who honestly gets the opportunity to have their wedding set in a beautiful and exotic location? There aren’t many who actually go through with planning a wedding abroad and it’s a real shame because there are beautiful locations to enjoy. However, St Barts is a real showstopper and it’s one that may just make a wedding day that little more special and unique. There is so much to enjoy in St Barts and brides and grooms with love it. What is more, the St. Barth’s villa rentals can be an excellent stay whilst there.

Should You Consider St. Barts?

If there is a wedding approaching and you want to make the occasion a little more special then it’s a great idea to consider a destination wedding. It’s unique in so many ways and it’s a fantastic way to enjoy the occasion from start to finish. Also, there is a privacy feel on the island so it can be an intimate affair. The St. Barth’s villa rentals can also be enjoy whilst there. There is nothing better.

Have the Destination Wedding of Your Dreams

Weddings are truly special occasions and it’s so easy to spoil the event by fielding it in the wrong location. You might think a wedding is special no matter where you hold it but actually to the bride, it’s not. The ideal location is needed so that the day get’s off to a flying start and with St Bart’s you can really enjoy the day. The St. Bart’s villa rentals are also ideal for the honeymooning couple.For more details read here

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Try Visiting St Barth’s

Try Visiting St Barth’s

St. Bart’s private villa rentals are one highlight of Saint Barts. For those who love the idea of getting away from the stresses and strains of life, vacationing at St Bart’s might be the ideal solution. This island is perfectly situated in the Caribbean allowing you to get the beautiful sunshine the area has to offer. Want more reasons why to visit? Read on to find out more.

Why Is Saint Barts So Special?

Situated in the Caribbean, Saint Barts is a very small French island. This has been widely known for a number of years and yet it remains fairly quiet in terms of tourism. That is a great thing because it means the place even more special. There are also fourteen beaches on offer and that makes it a perfect destination whether you love the sound of relaxing in the sun all day or taking in some wonderful sights. There is also great marine life to enjoy and water sports can be so much fun too. St. Barth’s private villa rentals are also an excellent way to spend the evening. You can enjoy your stay so much more!

A Perfect Honeymoon Destination

Let’s say for a second you are thinking about planning a wedding in the near future and have no clue as to the honeymoon, well you could look at St Barts. This is truly a stunning location and you don’t need to worry about privacy as you get that and so much more whilst staying in St. Bart’s private villa rentals. The honeymooners can enjoy the island in all its glory and no matter what time of the year they are marrying, they can visit the island. What is more, there are plenty of things for couples to see and do while in St Barts.

Try Visiting St Barth’s

Great Sailing Opportunities

If you are someone who loves the sea St Barts does offer some of the very best sailing opportunities available today. You can sail to St Barts if you so choose or can take a sail boat or yacht out during the day time. There are lots to see around the island and you can view the island from the seas and see it in a totally different and very unique way. Also, if you love to try some water sports, you can. Kayaking is pretty fun and popular so it’s a great opportunity to try whilst here. Swimming and snorkeling is also very popular too and after a long day you can retire to St. Barth’s private villa rentals.

Embrace Island Life

It’s hard to find somewhere everyone enjoys when it comes to planning a vacation. You can love what you see in one destination but who’s to say that location will please everyone? However the Caribbean has always been popular and St Barth’s might just be the ideal place for you. It’s quite secluded so you are sure not to be disturbed in any which way and you can meet some friendly locals. What is more, there are lots to see and do and it really can be a vacation you never forget. The St Bart’s private villa rentals are also ideal.For more details visit

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St. Bart’s Resorts – An Island Teeming with Life’s Pleasures

More people visiting Saint Barts love the idea of staying in St. Bart’s villa rentals and it’s so simple to see why. This is truly a lovely island and a private villa can really top the stay off nicely. You have privacy and in the morning, you can explore the island and learn all about it. So, Read on what does the island of St Barts have to offer?

Enjoy the Ocean Waves

St Bart’s is also very popular with yacht’s people and that can be ideal if you have a boat to take out. If you love to sail, this is the ideal location and there are plenty of harbors to moor in when you want to take to dry land. This is also the ideal time to check out the local marine life and get to grips with the island and all it has to offer. Water sports are also very popular here and you can try them if you wanted to. After a long day on the water you can return to St. Bart’s villa rentals and enjoy a relaxing night on land.

Great Nightlife

There are also great nightlife opportunities whilst staying on St. Barts. You can enjoy clubbing and there are lots of amazing hotspots to check out. It doesn’t matter if you love to dance all night or just chat with friends, there is something for everyone. That is the beauty of the island of course and while it may be small, it really does have so much to offer and you do get an exclusive feel to it. St Barth’s villa rentals are also ideal after a big night out and you can wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world!

A Chance to Mingle With the Stars

Also, this beautiful island is a favorite for many celebrities and millionaires. It’s true; while this is a fairly hidden away location, it attracts the biggest names simply because of the privacy on offer. However, that isn’t the only reason why the island proves to be a popular attraction for celebrities; it’s also down to the beauty of the island and the fact there is so much to see and do. The great thing about it is that you can spend one day shopping, another day exploring the island in detail and the next chatting to locals and another day sailing. The St. Bart’s villa rentals are beautiful and there is always a friendly face to find. That is the best part and you really are made to feel at home.

A Stay like No Others

St. Bart’s resorts are truly out of this world. There isn’t just one beautiful spot on the island to enjoy; every part is lovely and very unique. Visitors can get a true unique experience and you are just going to love it all. There are chances to explore the local culture and try the cuisine here; and you can even set sail for a few days in neighboring islands of Saint Martin! At the end of the day, you can relax in St Barth’s villa rentals so you have so much to look forward to. For more details read here—An-Island-Teeming-With-Lifes-Pleasures&id=6409252

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